Free verse · Poetry

poisoned by his own poison

I will take your hand
And walk you around the town
To end up in the cheapest bar
No question to pour a drink
Something that makes you forget
So you seem like a winner
Within all those blurred memories
And you don’t want to remember at all
The bottom of your glass
Is not the bottom of my bottle
Not that I will pour you any more
As you’ve had enough of shame
Which you’d unwisely planned for me
I don’t blame you, I don’t regret what I’ve done
I only pity you for making such a mistake
Though everyone thought you were too smart for that
Having never loved you
Having never known you
Only wasting of my smile
Hopefully the next one you’ll meet
Will run miles away from you
Because, my dear, I fear
The same you would do to her
What you’ve done to me


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