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The (Disappointing) Truth about Blogging

Niche? I would rather some Nietzsche. Free printable? Gee, I swear my stomach turns upside down three times in a row when I see one of those. Passion? Lasts a moment.

Having read dozens of advice on blogging, what I learnt was that blogging is no longer personal as it used to be a long time ago. You are no longer supposed (let alone encouraged) to express yourself, it is not outlet for (amateur) journalists, your task is to: deny yourself; pick one profitable topic (don’t you dare cover more than one – and anyway, your interests won’t probably make you money); spend money on something that can be done for free; market yourself like a product, not a person; spam the social media… The answer to “how to blog” is in fact “study marketing”.

Another thing I discovered while going through to “popular” blogs is that those that claim to be the most popular, professional, simply fabulous, are nothing more than one huge advertising site. If you come to a blog through (among others, but especially) Pinterest, you probably arrived at place of undefeatable pop-up ads, and whatever you searched for, you won’t find anything useful. Because useful doesn’t sell.

Blogging, they say, is not writing. Blogging is, apparently, more acceptable than advertising. Blogger is nothing more than an online salesman. Those who actually set up a website and share their ideas or hobbies through text and image, without trying to sell you something? Well, those are not bloggers. (So who are they?)

The blogs that try to teach you how to be [insert what you will] have one thing in common – they are advertising non-existing product. Most of the times, they try to catch your attention with a list of something you need to do if you want to succeed, well, in anything, including taking a shit. With euphoria of finally finding a useful content, you click on the picture that promises to solve your problems.

And there comes the bitter disappointment…

This advice is dull, you’ve read it on many other sites and not only that, it’s so obvious you have figured out yourself, anyway. How can anyone find this useful? How can this make money to anyone? Does anyone actually buy that e-book? Are people really this stupid? It’s hard to grasp the fact that people are willing to get cheated like that.

This is the place where I end up disgusted and start looking for more obscure content, even though it might lack the glitter all around the place. Eventually, I come to a conclusion that with all this “advice” and “tips” it’s like with books on spirituality and self-help/self-realization – repeat and repeat the same thing time and time again using beautiful words and catchy phrases, change few words to make it sound different – because that’s what they think of us, they see us as primates that will buy any shit after proper brain massage (and unfortunately, they’re right). I mean – if they repeat it so often, then it must be true, right? If they say so many people bought the product and their life has changed after carefully following the instructions, then it must work!

In other words, do you want blog? You must follow this pattern. Do you want to make money? Be a sell-out. Stuff your readers’ faces with content, because you can speak to them without saying anything. Just make it look fancy and professional. Make people think that you want to improve their lives, and don’t worry about making idiots from them, because they’re too stupid to understand, anyway.

This is, ladies and gentlemen, marketing blogging.


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