Free verse · Poetry


It’s always the same
The same mistake again and again
And I’ll never learn

The first time I swore
The last time I forbade
Now I must resist

The question comes in variations
Golden pieces and sparkles
I get blinded so easily

As if it followed me
A test on repeat while no recollection
No memory of this lesson

The lodger in my head is no brain
These events cause me nothing but pain
And I must question my sanity

My mind screams
Whereas my body is silent
At least

I wander at places, foreign areas
Those are uncomfortable to me
I’m thrown out of my depth

I’ve lost all my words
But I see wild images
Those scare me as I put them out
On the paper with strange colours

I’m looking for water
In which I could drown
Myself and the sorrow

Once in a while, more often than not
I remember that you left our dimension

And as days pass me by
Less and less I feel you around


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