Free verse · Poetry

ode to luke

He’s got weird round face
Way too curly hair
And smile of crooked teeth
But tell me who will care
As long as he’s in a band
As he writes me poetry
He sings me before sleep
Because I’ve got bad dreams

But tell me who will care
When at nights it’s wildside | it’s upside down
It turns out what he and I
And all of us are living for
I need to feel that press
Of his love against my chest
The pitch of our voices and | The beat of the hearts loud enough
Sign we arrived at place
With you I never have

But he’s the one with dark curly hair
And he’s got sad eyes of colour blue
He does not count on me
And I do not count on him
As I do not count on you
Goodbye sweet delusion

You were gone before you left
It’s the man in a band
The one that writes poems
And sings me to sleep
The one that doesn’t care
As heartless as I seem to be
To say you’ve got a ball
Where others have got thoughts
You are way too kind
Too stupid to feel the gloom for losing me
No remorse for having stabbed your back
And I have to be defined
Winning all of my inner fights


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